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What Is a Visa? A visa is a travel report or document that permits us to enter a foreign country for a particular time frame or period of time. By and large, we need to apply for a visa prior to traveling, either at a consulate or an embassy department, or online. Sometimes we can also get a visa on appearance. Visas are typically attached to our passports and state how long you can stay.




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+91 777-000-3689

Space Visas Provides a One-Stop Solution for all Your &visa-details


We assure 100% Genuine Attestation of all Certificates, Fast & Reliable Services at Very Competitive Rates



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We are the top visa consulting organization or company in Bengaluru. Consistently we help huge number of customers or clients to move to nations i.e Australia, Canada, the UK, South Korea, the USA, Singapore, European nations, Japan, and so on. We have more than 99% success rates in Schengen visas.

    Immigration Consultant Agency.

    Space Visas company provides quality-driven assistance to overseas immigration and visa applicants in terms of online profile creation, visa application filing, documentation, visa application follow-up with the immigration office, refusal case handling, etc. We provide all types of visas, such as tourist visit, business, study, family, and dependent visas. Client expects a problem free process to get openings for VFS's appointment. We do apostle and attestation for documents.



Space Visas Immigration assistance is when a candidates can use thier knowledge of, or experience in, migration procedure to assist with visa applications and other visa matters by: preparing, or helping to prepare a visa application or other document. advising about a visa application or visa


Visa Stamping is a cycle wherein visa is embraced in the identification or passport. A visa is a record showing that an person is approved to enter the region for which it was given and issued, dependent upon consent of a immigration official at the time of actual entry.


For the most part, when an application is presented or submitted, it's handled in 72 hours or less. If it's not too much approximate, note that these timetables are surmised, and handling times might change. Applying for your visa a long time before our arranged travel dates.


Space Visas charges a very small amount to their customers or clients compared with other consultancy services in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Once you pay the fee to Space Visas, we take care of your visa processing until you get your visa. We provide our service to our clients 24/7 to help them get their visas.

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As best Visa Consultant in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Space Visas team provide inclusive support and assistance to the people applying for Permanent Residency Visa, Work Visa, Student Visa, family sponsored visa, Visit Visa, Business Visa, etc.



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It has been a wonderful experience to work with Krishna and team, I have got my South Korea visa within 2 weeks of time without any hassle.

Outstanding Experience

Shilpa Gowda
Founder of X Community

I am so satisfied with the service, Krishna is a really friendly guy and the service is just a bomb, the fees are so less compared to the other agents, Thank you so much for the services. Love and Blessings

Outstanding Support


Very smooth experience working with Mr Krishna. He was extremely helpful, prompt and helped us getting our Singapore visa fast. Thanks

I am a Repeat Customer of this Business

Plantharayil George George

Mr. Krish has helped us a lot through acquiring all our family visas for different countries. He is very responsive and answered all my queries with patience. It's very difficult to find a good agent, very happy with the experience of working with him.

Great Experience

Isra Shaikh

Space visas is one of the best company. They helped me in doing attestation services. Thank you so much for u r services.

I had an amazing experience with this Space Visas!

Rathna Gowda

A precise manner, no other company were close to match her expertise, credit goes to her to make me believe she will handle the case.

Wonderful Staff

Pragya Gupta

1st of all i like to thank Mr.krishna for making Hassel free service for end to end . Specially in visa and documents. Though I was out state i got my work done. About price it's very clear transparent like no hiden charges and charges was quit reasonable and very much satisfied, i got my documents like for attestation ticket and visa process everything delivered within the time frame. My suggestion is those who are looking for Hassel free service and transperancy charges this site is highly recommended. Once again thank you for SPACE VISAS (Mr.Krishna).

I Finally Found the Perfect Visa Consultancy!

Althamash M

I had to travel to Singapore on an immediate basis. Got their number from Justdial. They were good enough to guide in the whole process, send my passport from bla bla car to Chennai from bangalore for stamping, got the visa docs all in 3 days without any advance. Took the money when I had visa ij my hand. Really good team. 10/10 recommended.

I’ve Been a Loyal Customer for Years

Sunny Garg

I have no words to express how Space Visa helped us get our Visa to phillipines... uuf Krissh,if it were not you it would've been impossible... I can't thank you enough for the way you struggled to get it to us right on time...truly indebted to you . You are am Epitome of Dedication and Professionalism.

Support Team was Incredibly Helpful and Answered

lahari Harish

It is been great seeking assistance from Krishna Space Visas. The best thing about Krishna is he picks up call whenever you call him. He is very professional and cooperative. I successfully received my Ireland study Visa without any problem.

Highly recommended!

Haresh Dash

I had applied for South Korea visa via space visas and attentions and it has been a hassle free transaction. The agent himself helped me with any pending documentation and helped get my visa without any issues. I got timely updates on the visa status and the agent was always responsive! I would highly recommend them and would definitely go back for my future travel visa applications.

I Had a Fantastic Experience with This Space Visas

Sree Suram

I am writing to this thank the outstanding service you provided in assisting me with my Singapore visa application. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and responsiveness were truly exceptional.

Thank You so much for Your Support to Get Visa

Alwin Babu

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by your excellent customer service and would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking assistance with their visa application. Once again, thank you so much for your invaluable help, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

It was Great Experience

Shilpa Rani

I had applied for Singapore visa. The service is good. They only ask for minimal required documents unlike other places which ask for all kinds of documents. And visa got approved within in a week.

Very Efficient and Seamless Support Team

Divya Dewangan

Mr. Krishna's hard work is worth more than 5 stars. He was punctual in every aspect and was very helpful each and every time for our South Korean visa. I would recommend him for all visa queries.

Very Friendly Staff

Chinmay Kohad

Got my South Korea visa done through the company. He was very patient in understanding and answering all my queries. He gave me full confidence that my visa will be processed and it was processed exactly within the number of days he said it would. Everything on time and handled well. Definitely will recommend this place for visa services.

Excellent Service

Abhishek Rudra

Very Very helpful he is the best in doing it. I was stuck and had a lot of issues on doing my Thailand visa I got his contact and I appeared him immediately he was very friendly and good communication.
He dint charge much and got my visa in just a week only because of him thank you so much sir

Space Visas Service Team Treated me with Respect

Aditya C

My friend and I had applied for South Korea visa and received it in a week. Mr krishna and his staff is reliable & professional. He helped in arranging documents and a few bookings & was available from start to end. Though there were last minute changes and we were stuck at a point which could be avoided by checking a few things with us directly but it got sorted. I’m really thankful for his help

The Service finished ahead of the Promised Time

Nabonita Bagchi

Space Visas is really good visa service consultancy.... I was so confused how to get US Visa and Appointment for me. These guys really simplified and book my US appointment. I have appointment in Hyderabad next week.

Thank you Space Visas for Everything


Very professional service is undertaken. Highly recommended for hazel free travel.


Explained Everything Before the Service was Done



  1. Visit and select the visa type.
  2. Pay and Submit Your Documents Through Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
  3. Process: We verify, process, and submit your documents to the Embassy.
  4. Get your “Visa” delivered to your doorstep.
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