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           Space Visas registered Australian Migration Agents can manage your Australian visa application through its entire journey, giving you current and professional movement counsel at each step. With offices and workplaces in Australia and the Australia of Top Visa Assistance for Australia in Bangalore is Space Visas we can be assured that as immigration strategy changes, Visa Go Australia can keep on supporting us with our Australian visa application.


           The Australia visa is being grouped into various types, and based on one’s solicitations, they can be applied for. The visa strategy deals with every one of the requirements that a foreign resident has to have to enter Australia. Each foreign resident who will visit Australia should get their visa beforehand. A visa fills in as a permit to enter as well as stay in Australia for a particular duration, depending on the kind that applies.


            The Australian Top Immigration Consultants for Australia in Bangalore is Space Visas providers and visa rules and regulations are clearly referenced under the Relocation Guidelines, according to the Migration Act 1958, which are all controlled and administered by the Migration and Border Security Office/Department. For better understanding, the whole information about an Australia visa is explained in detail below. Australia is not only one of the most famous travel destinations, but it is also known for its strict migration regulations. It maintains a standard visa system for each non-citizen of Australia. The visa is obtained, provided that the law permits it. Most skilled specialists, money managers, and business people pick Australia as a moving immigrant over some other country. The fundamental reasons for a huge number of workers moving to Australia consistently are its vigorous economy, top-notch expectations for everyday comforts, and quick progression in technology.


Planning to visit the Australia  but not realizing which visa is ideal for us? The Best Australia  Visa Consultants in Bengaluru is Space Visas. This list might assist you with getting the information you really want. Look below to learn about the various sorts of Australia  visas.


Listed Required Documents for a Australia Visa:

        When we apply for Australian visas and The best Australian Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas we should have to submit the below documents:


All visa applicants or candidates must submit an Australian visa’s application form. The forms are different for each kind of visa, so select the form that corresponds to our visa.


If we are applying online for the Australian visa, then we can find the selection of forms in our ImmiAccount. If we are applying for people, then we must download the correct document or form and fill it out.

Our Australian visa application photos have to follow particular guidelines. The background should be white, and our entire faces have to be fully visible. In some cases, we may also need to submit our biometrics’ information along with the visa photo.


We must keep in mind that the number of pictures required may differ depending on the visa’s subclass that we are applying for.

Our visa applications cannot be reviewed until our payments have been verified. We should require paying through an ImmiAccount, but if we will not submit the payment through the online service, then we can contact the Australian consulate or embassy in our country and see if we will submit the payment through their office or workplace. Here are the fees that we should pay, depending on the visas that we are applying for.

If we appoint someone to help us with our visa applications, then we must fill out this form and submit it with our applications.

We must provide proof of any type of convenience we have made for our visit at the point when we apply for the visas. This includes hotel bookings, private lodging, rental agreements, reservations, and proof we are going to stay with friends or family in Australia.

We should hold a valid passport at least six months before the expiration date if we apply for an Australian visa. When we apply, submit copies of colored and scanned passport pages. If we do have copies of an old or previous passport, then we should submit those as well.

If we possess a national identity card or ID card, then we must provide scanned copies of it with the rest of our document. Sometimes this might be required depending on the visa type or our country of residence, so kindly make sure we check with the skilled Australian specialists nearest to us.


If we have multiple national identity cards (more than one residency or citizenship), then we should submit the national identity card of the country where we are currently residing.

In cases where we are invited by friends and family members to visit them in Australia, we must submit an invitation letter written by our host or hosts. This includes an invitation letter. If we were invited to work, we would need a work visa.

If we are employed, then we should also attach a letter from our employer stating permission for our travels.

We have to provide evidence that we can meet the temporary stay conditions as expressed by our visa type. This means that we can prove that once our visa expires, we can leave Australia due to earlier commitments in our country, such as family or work commitments. We will also use a valid work contract, a letter from real estate, or our employer commitments.

This Requirements May not be Applicable to Long-Term or Continuous Work Visas.

        When we apply for Australian visas and The Top Most Australian Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas we should have to submit the below documents:


We may also be asked to submit valid copies of civil documents such as our marriage license, birth certificate, adoption papers (if applicable), divorce papers, etc. This also includes certificates in cases where we might have changed our name legally.

While health care insurance may not generally be a necessity when we travel to Australia, the Australian government emphatically urges visitors to buy private insurance protection before to voyaging.


Some visa types have explicit health care insurance guidelines. Moreover, visitors might be expected to submit recent wellbeing tests or exams, yet this will depend on a few factors, and Australian officials will let us know of the deadline.

Attached to our visa applications have to be travel agendas where our entire visit is planned out. The date of our visit, the places we plan on visiting’s proof of purchased tickets, how long we plan on staying, and similar data or information might be part of the itinerary.


When applying for Australian visas, we have to submit proof of good character. This means we have to be fully or completely honest about our criminal activity, and sometime during our application before or after, we must submit a police certificate. These certificates will be used to measure if we fulfil the character requirement as set out by the Australia Immigration Office at the Department of Home Affairs.


Australia Visa Requirement for Minor Applicants

If people under the age of 18 are applying for any type of Australian visa, there is a set of specific documents that have to be part of the application:

  • You need a letter of consent from legal guardians or parents.
  • You need filled-in and signed permission forms.
  • You need a statutory declaration.
  • You need Undertaking Declarations (in cases where the minor applicant will stay with a friend and an adult family member in Australia).

Requirements to Study in Australia

A student who wants to apply for a visa to study in Australia She or he should submit these documents for their application:

  • Student Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Student health insurance
  • Student School Enrolments for Dependents
  • Student: Genuine Temporary Entrant

Requirements to Work in Australia

For a work visa in Australia, we have to submit some of these required documents:

  • Worker: Resume.
  • Worker: Work Contract
  • Worker: Work Itinerary (for freelance work)
  • Worker: Copy of Work License
  • Worker: Sponsorship Letter

Australia is on Target for an Immigration Blast!

  • From July 1, most of the students’ visa holders will be subject to the work limitations of 48 hours per fortnight.
  • Indian educators from Australia’s universities and colleges can also apply to work for up to 8 to 10 years.
  • The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-Professionals Scheme can provide 4500 places for Indian professionals in mining, ICT, engineering, renewable energy, Aristech, Fitch, and artificial intelligence.
  • The base market compensation level under the standard Brief skilled shortage visas has been increased from AUD 54,700 to AUD 69,000.
  • The public authority has also made the way for long-lasting residency for all temporary skilled specialists.
  • Eligible applicants in Temporary Residence Transition Steam can also be qualified following two years of sponsorship on a TSS Visa under Australia Visa.
  • The point test framework or system, which got a significant update in November 2019, can be further upgraded.
  • There will be no restriction on the quantity of partner visas issued each year.
  • Longer stay for Indian worldwide students and working visa opportunities for Indian nationals, according to the Australia-India International Alliance

Australian PR Applications Under the Following Occupations and Categories will be Processed Quickly.

  • Teaching occupations and healthcare
  • Applicants or candidates nominated by an approved sponsor with accredited status
  • Those migrating to an assigned provincial region
  • For permanent and temporary visa subclasses, visa applications that count towards the movement program, barring Subclass 188, Business Advancement or Innovation Venture (Temporary) Visa
  • Any other Australian visa applications

What to Do When we Show up in the AUSTRALIA.


All of our documents are to be in English. If we are not, then we have to translate all our documents through a verified translator, but make sure we provide the unique close by the deciphered version.


If we are in Australia, then Australia Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas we have to translate the documents by an accredited translator accredited by the (NAATI) National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters. If we are outside of Australia, the translator we use has to provide their full address, full name, telephone number, and qualification details.


There is no need to provide the original version of our documents unless they ask specifically. We can submit colored, scanned copies of our documents. Police clearances are the only documents that will have original versions.

Easy Steps to Get Your AUSTRALIA Visa

  1. Visit and select the visa type.
  2. Pay and Submit Your Documents Through Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
  3. Process: We verify, process, and submit your documents to the Embassy.
  4. Get your “AUSTRALIA” visa delivered to your doorstep.

About Space Visas How Could Help you for AUSTRALIA Visas

           Best Immigration Consultant for Australia is Space Visas Abroad Services is conceptually made, and it has started with the sole reason to help the hopefuls who fantasize about getting comfortable in Australia understand their migration dreams. Immigration rules, guidelines, and regulations are challenging and adjusting, yet with Space Visas’ Abroad Help, you can be ready to encounter the smooth and smooth process of abroad immigration. Our firm generally provides some sort of help to our clients, and we handle all of the cases with legitimacy and straight transparency.

           Immigration is an extremely powerful process wherein the immigration qualification and process rules change often and totally, at times absent a lot of prior notification, surprising even a veteran in the movement completely. It would be difficult for a fledgling individual who wishes to settle abroad to figure out these complicated principles and the periodic, continuous changes to them. 


           Space visas can help you reach your dream country, Australia. These days, it’s very difficult to get an Australian visa. There are a lot of rules and regulations to get an Australian visa, but you do not have to worry about it. South Pacific & Australia Visa Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas can help you get an Australia visa in a very easy way. We can work for you to fill out your form, book an appointment for an interview, etc. We just need your documents, details, etc. from your end. Now contact our team and get your Australia visa easily.


           Space Visas is the best immigration consultant in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Do not take our word for it; we have the numbers to prove it. We have served 10K+ customers and over 4K+ active cases, and we give up-to-date information to our clients. Our team is always active to help our customers 24/7 and 365 days a year.


           Australia is a flourishing economy with a great deal of chances for new talents and experienced experts alike. The cosmopolitan culture of the nation makes it an ideal destination for people who are hoping to emigrate out of their country for better possibilities. As an English-speaking country, it is simpler for individuals from the Indian subcontinent to change in accordance with Besides, the Indian Diaspora is available in a gigantic number in the nation, making it feel like home. Numerous Indians have effectively immigrated to Australia and made a fortune there.


           Under a skilled relocation visa, we can work and live in Australia, contingent upon our applications. Assuming we are applying separately, we can live and work anywhere in Australia. Then again, on the off chance that we have been locally sponsored, we can work and live around Australia for a predefined term before we can move somewhere else in the country. The Branch of Immigration and Boundary Control has sent off a foreigner-acceptable migration project to allow gifted and quality settlers to come to their country.


           Visa Go Australia has been assisting individuals with their Australian visa applications since around 2001. Using our administrations can provide us with an entire scope of benefits, including access to one of the UK’s most capable movement specialists. We have successfully upheld a huge number of transients on their excursion to live and work in Australia. Specializing considerable authority in Australian gifted, companion, parent, manager supported, and business visas, we can be sure that enlisted Australian Migration Specialists, Visa Go Australia, will give you the expert help you really want while moving to Oz. Space Visas offers an assortment of custom-tailored Australian visa services with adaptable installment plans.


           At Space Visas Schooling, we comprehend that migrating to another nation can be an overwhelming and complex interaction. As the main supplier of global student position services, we are focused on offering thorough help and direction to assist you with making a smooth change to life in Australia. Our group of experienced relocation specialists can help with a range of administrations, including movement advice, visa applications, and settlement support. With more than 15 years of experience in the business, we have major areas of strength to construct with immigration specialists, institutions, and foundations across Australia. Our profound information on the neighborhood migration scene, combined with our obligation to give extraordinary client assistance, pursues Space Visa Training, the confided-in decision for many global understudies consistently. Allow us to assist you with exploring the relocation cycle and begin your excursion at a more promising time to come in Australia.



+91 777-000-3489


+91 777-000-3689

Frequently Asked Questions About AUSTRALIA Visa

  • Space Visas is the best agency or consultancy for Australian visas or immigration.
  • Space Visas clients or customers are highly satisfied with our services.
  • We have many of our customers’ positive feedback and testimonials.
  • Registered over thousands of counseling sessions for all Australian visas.
  • Space Visas has achieved 5K+ visa approvals for our customers.
  • Genuine and best-priced services within the time frame
  • Armed with an experienced team to help our clients 24/7 in 365 days,
  • We have a well-trained and tenured documentation team for Australian PR.
  • Space visas can change Australian immigration rules and regulations.

What is the processing time for Australian visa applications in Bangalore?

Immigration to Australia through a PR visa takes a normal of 5 months and will require a year too. This is dependent on individual conditions. It can require around 90 days on the off chance that we have every one of the necessary skills and focus scores.

  • Subclasses 190, 189, and 491 are the most popular Australia visa categories.
  • Subclass 289 permits us to apply for Australian PR without a job offer.
  • Subclass 190 allows applicants or candidates to live in Australia with a state nomination.
  • Subclass 491 visas are for those whose relatives are in designated regional areas.

The services Space Visas offer for Australian immigration from Bengaluru and Hyderabad are:

Are we still having doubts about the Australian visa process in Bengaluru?

We can cover all of India with a presence in all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and many more.

We are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance or health insurance to cover ourselves in Australia, as medical treatment will be very expensive there. We will certainly assist us with the travel insurance, as it is an absolute necessity for international travel in the event of unexpected events such as baggage delay, clinical emergencies, loss, etc.

Every traveler applying for an Australian visa should meet the health prerequisite. Whether we are expected to undergo a clinical assessment or potentially a chest x-beam depends on our age, how long we mean to remain in Australia, and your planned movement in Australia. We will be informed post-accommodation of our Australia visa application on the off chance that a clinical assessment is required.

We may be allowed to stay for a maximum period of 3 months for each visit in a year’s period.

We should not purchase non-refundable tickets or accommodations prior to the grant of a visa. Any such buys are the sole liability of the visa candidate. The Department of Home Affairs recommends that you lodge your Australia Visa application well ahead of your proposed travel date and finalize travel arrangements after the visa issue.

  • This subclass of 189 allows us to apply for Australian PR without a job offer.
  • Applicants or candidates have SOL, the applicant’s eligibility assessment, and a self-improvement calculator.
  • The applicant must submit an EOI in the skill selected and get applicant indicator points.
  • Applicants or candidates must achieve a minimum of 65 points to be invited to apply.
  • How many days does it take to immigrate to Australia?
  • Australia visa processing periods depend on the type of visa.
  • A permanent visa takes more than 12 months.
  • Study visas and temporary work visas will be completed within one year.

To remain in Australia longer than our unique visa lets us, we can have to apply for further visas of a similar kind or another Australia visa. How much longer we can remain in Australia will depend on the visa that we have or the visa that we apply for. On the off chance that we have a ‘No further stay’ condition on our Australia visa, we can’t make a difference for another visa while we are in Australia. We should leave Australia no later than the date on which our visa ends.

Our Australia Visa is electronically linked to our passport number; we will not require stamps.

Applicants are advised to apply for an Australia visa in advance, but not earlier than 90 days prior to the date of travel. The Australian High Commission recommends that you apply at least 3 weeks prior to your date of travel to accommodate any unforeseen processing delays.

All people, other than Australian residents, require a visa or position to enter Australia. All Indian residents require an Australian visa.

  • We can sponsor us.
  • Grandparent/Grandchild
  • Mother Father
  • Sister/Brother
  • Uncle/Aunt
  • Nephew/Nice
  • In-Law
  • Cousin
  • Frined
  • Partner, parent of children
  • New Zeland Citzen

The Australia Visa is an E-Visa, i.e., it’s anything but a sticker visa supported on the identification or Passport. Once a decision is taken by the Australian High Commission, the E-Visa will be mailed to the registered email ID that is mentioned on the visa form.

The Australia Visa cover letter is a letter that summarizes your intent to travel. In your cover letter, you should explain:

  • the purpose of your trip
  • when and where you mean to travel
  • How is your trip going to be funded?
  • day-by-day itinerary for your trip
  • duration of the trip

The Australia Visa processing time is 15 to 25 days.

  1. Choose our preferred types of Australian visas based on our travel type.
  2. Make your payment online.
  3. Submit our documents online on the Space Visas portal.
  4. Receive our Australia visa once it is approved.

Gateway Visas is the best PR visa consultant for Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian nationals and also the most trusted partner for immigration services in India for 13 years. Space Visas clients are our strength, and we can process successful visas for numerous customers or clients with high customer satisfaction and success rates.

Gateway Visas is the best PR visa consultant for Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian nationals and also the most trusted partner for immigration services in India for 13 years. Space Visas clients are our strength, and we can process successful visas for numerous customers or clients with high customer satisfaction and success rates.

The focus score for Australia General Talented Migration has been expanded since July 1, 2018. Least 65 focuses are currently expected by candidates for an Australian Skilled Visa.

The most straightforward method for applying for an Australian visa is to contact Space Visas. We are specialists in the movement and travel industry, with over 40 years of involvement. Through our ability, top-to-bottom information, and honesty, we focus on conveying an uncommon encounter to our clients every single time you utilize our administration. To assist us with understanding your remarkable Australia visa needs, if it’s not too much trouble, drop in our question, and our master will reach out to you.

Normally, 90 days or 3 months We can demand a longer stay, yet make certain to incorporate justification, evidence, or justification. The validity of the Australia visa is at the discretion of the International Safe Embassy.

Applying for an Australian visa through us will be a simple and hassle-free process. It is profoundly fitting to handle your visa through us, as we will deal with your total visa process, right from preparing our documents to the stamping of our Australian visa.

No. If a clinical or potentially x-ray assessment is required, the New Delhi visa office will inform us after our Australia visa application is held up. We will then, at that point, need to make courses of action to go to an approved migration board specialist of your choice. 

Space Visas can help you choose the right Australian immigration program.

Our Australian immigration Space Visas consultant offers details on the entire immigration process.

The processing time for Australian visitors’ visas depends on different factors. It can take a few days to a few weeks in the event of certain applications.