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           Space Visas is the quick, dependable, and reasonable visa consultant for Japanese visas. Our point is generally to be the best and most savvy administration. Top Visa Assistance for Japan in Bangalore is Space Visas; we can remove all the issues from getting the Japan visa by utilizing our numerous long stretches of involvement to give you the best help from our end. We Space Visas Visits is a first-class visa expert and visit administrator situated in Bangalore and Hyderabad, and we have areas that are strong for us.


           Japan has become progressively alluring to tourists, making it the most visited country in the present reality. Since it has a few vacationer destinations, for example, Mount Fuji, the nation is exceptionally designated by travellers. Other than having numerous wonderful spots to visit, the Japanese economy has developed a ton lately, which has made the nation extremely intriguing for visitors. However, to get to know this nation loaded with secrets, a Japan vacationer visa is required.


           The place that is known for the rising sun offers many attractions to travellers that incorporate world-legendary destinations, palaces, and landmarks. The nation has in excess of 20 world heritage locales. Aside from this, sightseers can visit temples, theme parks, gardens, food, and experience festivals. Considering that, it is nothing unexpected that so many vacationers visit the country consistently.


           Best Student Visa Assistance for Japan in Bangalore is Space Visas, To visit the country, we will require a vacationer visa. The visa is substantial for 3 months. Under the single-passage guideline, travellers can remain in the country for as long as 30 days. Vacationers can likewise apply for a two-fold passage visa for two little excursions within a 6-month time frame. Be that as it may, those on a traveller visa can’t accomplish any paid work while they are in the country.


          The Japanese government is issuing the following main visas of categories to other country people or foreign visitors:


            Planning to visit the Japan but not realizing which visa is ideal for us? The Best Japan Visa Consultants in Bengaluru is Space Visas. This list might assist you with getting the information you really want. Look below to learn about the various sorts of Japan visas.

Japan Government Provides Two Types of Visas that  A. Short Term Visas and B. Long Term Visas. Check below

A. Short-Term Visa/ Temporary Visa

         which is given to foreigners who need to enter Japan for the travel industry, visits, business or other sporting or transient purposes or Short-Term purpose. Brief Visas for Japan don’t permit the holder to take part in work and can be isolated in light of the reason for travel into:

B. Long-Term Stay Visas

         which are given to foreigners who need to enter Japan for purposes not connected with the travel industry, like working, contemplating, or joining a relative. Accordingly, they can be separated into:

Required Documents for the Japan Visa Application

        When we apply for Japan visas and The best Japan Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas we should have to submit the below documents:


         The visa application structure must be finished and signed. We can download a duplicate copy from the site of the Japan Service of International Concerns, Japan Tourist Visa Services in Bangalore is Space Visas and where we can fill it out electronically and then print it out. We can likewise get it on landing at the Japanese Office, Consulate, or Embassy when we go there to apply.


        We need to enter your own data: visa number, identity, name, business data, and so forth; our agenda date and area of departure or arrival; our planned stay; where we will remain; data about the organization or individual welcoming us to Japan; and so on.

         Our passport must be valid for at least another six months and have at least one to two blank pages for the visa to be affixed to. If we intend to stay for longer than six months, our passport has to be valid for a longer time as well.

          We must also include photocopies of the relevant pages of our passport, such as the issue and personal information, expiration date, etc.

Alongside the necessary documents for Japan visa applications, we additionally need pictures that follow these determinations:

• Dimensions or Aspects: 4.5cm x 4.5cm

• White background

• The photo should be in the last 6 months.

• We must be staring straight ahead with a neutral facial expression.

• The entire face has to be visible in a photocopy.

• The name and birthdate should be written on the back.

The number of photos we need to submit depends on the Japanese Embassy or Consulate to which we are applying, as well as the reason for our movement.

       Some portion of the Japan visa prerequisites is a cover letter, which we need to think of ourselves and address to the Department of Consulate or Embassy. We must utilize the letter to present ourselves, express the justification behind our movement, the dates when we plan to enter and withdraw, as well as the overall schedule of your visit.

           In the event that we are applying for Japanese visas to visit family members or relatives, they should think of us as a letter of invitation, itemizing our relationship, the justification for why we are visiting, and so on.


           In the event that we are going for business, we really want a letter of greeting from the organization or company in Japan, which must be stamped with the organization seal and express the explanation and reason for the invitation.


           The invitation letter should be addressed to the Japanese International Safe Haven, where we will apply for the Japan visa.

Our guarantor must also incorporate a letter of assurance on the off chance that they will assist with supporting our visit.

            If we are visiting Japan for reasons other than tourism, transit, business, or a short-term visit, then we need a Japan Certificate of Eligibility.


            The Japan Certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Immigration Services in Japan before we enter the country. This means we need to have a sponsor there already who can submit the application on our behalf. Meanwhile, we have to send them any relevant supporting documents (as listed above). Depending on the type of visa we are applying for, our school, our spouse, and our sponsor could be our employers.

Include a definite arrangement of the plan and take-off dates, the flight reservation number, and so forth, alongside the other visa requirements. We do not need to buy the ticket, in fact.

         We want an agenda that records our day-to-day exercises in Japan, like spots where we will go, activity plans, and dates. Find an example schedule for a Japan visa at the site of the Japan Service of Foreign or International Affairs.


         If applying for a functioning holiday or occasion visa, present a timetable of what we plan to do consistently during our visit to Japan, remembering for which urban communities you will live, what we will do, and what different exercises you will participate in.

Submit documents that prove we have sufficient financial means to cover the duration of our stay in Japan.

If we are financing or spending money on our own trip, submit bank statements issued in the past three months and the latest income tax returns.

If we are guarantors, we can help finance our stay.

  • Letter of Guarantee
  • An income certificate issued within the last three months
  • Home Declaration, on the off chance that they are an unfamiliar occupant of Japan. 

If we are applying for a student visa, we can submit:

  • Your income statements or your bank
  • Proof of Your Scholarship
  • Proof that you can receive financial aid
  • Letter of sponsorship, if someone is sponsoring us, along with our sponsor’s proof of bank statements and income. 

Depending on the justification or reason behind our travel, there are extra Japan visa requirements.

We may also need to submit proof or confirmation of accommodation in Japan, for example, loft appointments, lodging reservations, and so on.

This is certainly not a comprehensive rundown of requirements for a Japanese visa. Japanese immigration and consular administrations or services can demand any extra records as they see fit.


We ought to talk with the movement officials taking care of our visa application about whether we need to present the firsts or duplicates of the archives. Now and then, our documents cannot be returned.


The documents we submit must be either in Japanese or in English, according to the solicitation of the Department, Consulate, or Embassy. On the off chance that they are not, we need to get them deciphered by an expert translator.

Japan Student Visa Requirements

After we enter Japan with a student’s visa, we will get landing permission or arrival consent at the port of passage from the migration officials. On the off chance that we have a solitary passage visa, it will become invalid once we get the arrival license, while a numerous section visa with a more drawn-out legitimacy stays legitimate even after we get the arrival grant. The Arrival License replaces our visa and permits us to remain in Japan legally.


When we apply for a Japanese student’s visa, we need several documents that support our application. The documents we need for Japan Student Visa applications include:

  • Student’s Visa Application’s Form, which we can download from
  • You need a valid passport along with photographs of copies of it.
  • Passport-size picture with the following specifications:
    • It’s dimensions are: 4cm x 3 cm.
    • It should be a recent photocopy or at least a 3-month months photo copy.
    • It must have a plain white background and not require any shadows or patterns.
    • We must be staring straight ahead with a neutral facial expression.
    • In this photo, your face should be fully visible and clear.
    • The photos should be of good quality, focused, clear, and sharp.
  • You need the Certificates of Eligibility.
  • You must provide a “letter of admission into the Japanese and educational institutions. It should indicate the details of the course and duration.
  • You need to submit “professional qualifications and previous academics as applicable, like diplomas, transcripts, etc.
  • Proof that we can meet the financial requirements for the duration of our stay in Japan
  • You must show that you can meet the necessary financial or financial requirements through:
    • Income statements or bank statements
    • Proof of your scholarship
    • Proof that you must receive financial aid
    • If another person is sponsoring you, along with our sponsor’s or that person’s proof of bank statements and income,

  • If Required:
    • Letter of guarantee and invitation and issued your educational institutions and other documents.
    • A cover letter, or motivational letter, must be written by you and state the reason for your travel to Japan.

What to Do When we Show up in the JAPAN.


          Kindly follow all the overseas educational consultants from Japan. Unguents have 216 consultants or embassies in Japan that may wish to recruit for our enrolling institution. We cannot view all the consultant information as some of them do not wish to be searched in this public domain, although our team or group would be happy to promote us amongst all of them once we are subscribed to the service. Japan Education Consultant in Bangalore is Space Visas We may not be able to see certain information in a profile either due to the data protection and security policy of our company or due to the consultant’s choice to hide the data or information.


          To look at a complete sample profile, please click here. This information is an illustration of the knowledge applied to unguents to help us find the most suitable intuitive representatives globally. We must be premium members to request a performance analysis of specialists or agents in Japan.


          Uniagents is a complete international recruitment system that fits into your institutional culture and practices for improved and efficient delivery of targets. Intelligent reporting helps you identify the gaps and potentials in order to make calculative and wise management decisions Japan Visa and Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas.


          Applying for a Start-up Visa, Business Manager Visa, Spouse of a Japanese National, Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services Visa… We can assist us in changing our visa status to mid- or long-term residency as well. We offer total support wherever you are in Japan, in whichever category of visa we are dealing with.

Easy Steps to Get Your JAPAN Visa

  1. Visit and select the visa type.
  2. Pay and Submit Your Documents Through Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
  3. Process: We verify, process, and submit your documents to the Embassy.
  4. Get your “JAPAN” visa delivered to your doorstep.

About Space Visas How Could Help you for JAPAN Visas

         Space Visas Abroad Services is conceptually made Best Japan Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas, and it has started with the sole reason to help the hopefuls who fantasize about getting comfortable in Japan understand their migration dreams. Immigration rules, guidelines, and regulations are challenging and adjusting, yet with Space Visas’ Abroad Help, you can be ready to encounter the smooth and smooth process of abroad immigration. Our firm generally provides some sort of help to our clients, and we handle all of the cases with legitimacy and straight transparency.

             Immigration is an extremely powerful process wherein the immigration qualification and process rules change often and totally, at times absent a lot of prior notification, surprising even a veteran in the movement completely. Best Immigration Consultant for Japan in Bangalore is Space Visas. It would be difficult for a fledgling individual who wishes to settle abroad to figure out these complicated principles and the periodic, continuous changes to them.


             Space visas can help you fulfill your dream of reaching your dream country, Japan. These days, it’s very difficult to get a Japan visa. There are a lot of rules and regulations to get a Japan visa, but you do not have to worry about getting it. Our space visas can help you get a Japan visa in a very easy way. The best Japan Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas. We can work for you to fill out your form, book an appointment for an interview, etc. We just need your documents, details, etc. from your end. Now contact our team and get your Japan visa easily.



+91 777-000-3489


+91 777-000-3689

Frequently Asked Questions About JAPAN Visa

The fee for a Japan Visa fee or extension is 4,000 yen, which we have to pay through revenue stamps to go to Japan.

The Japanese Immigration Services do not normally issue extensions of Japan tourist visas, unless under extraordinary circumstances or situations, such as an accident or a sudden illness.


However, citizens of the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Mexico, and Liechtenstein might be able to extend their visa-exempt stay for up to 6 months, provided they satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Services of Japan.

If you have a valid Japan tourist visa, we can simply stay for a maximum of fifteen days; however, it totally depends on the Japan Embassy or Consulate.

We can be informed or notified by our representative about our visa application within 5 working days of submission.

Once we applied, we could not cancel the Japan visa. It was an application, as the Japan Consulate or Embassy cannot accept the same.

All Indians should require a visa to enter Japan. Every Indian should apply for a Japan visa before their trip.

Yes. We should submit the original documents that may be required in order to process the Japan visa application.

Sometimes candidates or applicants may be requested by the Japan Consulate or Embassy for a personal interview. These interviews take place at the Japan Consulate only.

The application interaction for a Japan Visa Expansion takes from a little while to a month to be handled, beginning from the day the nearby immigration administrations or services finish the application.

It is very easy to pay Japanese visa fees. We could pay by check, cash deposit, or in our company’s credit card or bank account. An additional 2% in extra charges can be levied if you pay by company credit card.

No. All charges are related to the Japan Embassy or consulate visa fee, and the service charge for flying for holidays is non-refundable.

The Embassy of Japan assesses and decides on all visa applications. The VFS Application Center staff are not employees of the Embassy of Japan and do not have the authority to assess or decide applications.

The Japan consulate or Embassy could not accept our visa application if it was rejected. if our previous application was rejected, and we will only apply for the same purpose of visit after 180 days or six months from the visa rejection.

No, if our Japan visa has been rejected, we cannot apply until 6 months or 180 days.

We need to apply to expand the time period of our visit to Japan before our on-going visa terminates or expires. We might present a Japan Visa Expansion application as long as three months or 90 days before the date our visa is set to expire.

The main reason for the rejection of the visa by the Japan Embassy is that the application did not meet the criteria for Japan visa issuance. The Japan Consulate or Embassy does not give us the specific reasons for the visa rejection.

The Japan Consulate or Embassy accepts or agrees to candidate applications only within 3 months or 90 days of travel.

Every candidate or applicant can apply as early as possible, keeping in mind the average processing time and their travel date. However, candidates must not apply for their Japan visa earlier than 1.5 months or 45 days from their travel date.