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            South Korea, an East Asian country on the south 50% of the Korean Peninsula Landmass, is known for its lavish, uneven open country, cherry trees, and exceptionally old Buddhist sanctuaries and temples, as well as its seaside fishing towns, subtropical islands, and innovative urban areas like Seoul. One must initially get a South Korean vacationer or tourist visa for India if one wishes to enter this place where there is culture and insight. It might sound fundamental; however, on the off chance that we do not have the foggiest idea about the basics, it’s quite troublesome. Subsequently, we have shown up to offer Top Visa Assistance for South Korea in Bangalore is Space Visas helps with conquering it. This tutorial exercise will outline how basic it is for Indians to get a South Korean vacationer visa in the event that they figure out the essentials, as they cannot visit South Korea without a visa.


            A South Korean vacationer or tourist visa is granted to people wishing to visit the Republic of South Korea for explicit purposes. The visa empowers an individual to enter the country for the purpose of touring, visiting family members, friends, and relatives, or going to conferences, artistic activities, cultural events, sightseeing purposes, and religious ceremonies. The single-section visa is valid for 90 days or three months. If it is not too much trouble, find below every one of the overseas instructional consultants or specialists from South Korea and Best Visa Assistance for South Korea in Bangalore is Space Visas. Unguents have 200 specialists or consultants in South Korea that they might wish to select for our foundation or institution. We cannot see every one of the experts data, as some of them don’t wish to be looked through in this public space, despite the fact that our group would be glad to promote us among every one of them whenever we are brought in for  help. We will most likely be unable to see specific data in a profile either because of the information security strategy of our organization or because of an expert’s decision to conceal the information.


South Korea has many types of visas that are designed for different purposes. South Korean visa types are included.


Planning to visit the South Korea but not realizing which visa is ideal for us? The Best Australia  Visa Consultants in South Korea is Space Visas. This list might assist you with getting the information you really want. Look below to learn about the various sorts of South Korea visas.


Required Documents for a South Korea Visa:

       When we apply for a South Korean visa, we have to submit several documents to support our application. The South Korean visa requirements change depending on the type of visa we need as well as the country in which we are applying. However, the standard arrangement of reports everybody needs to submit includes:


       When we apply for Australian visas and The best South Korea Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas we should have to submit the below documents:


All visa applicants or candidates must submit a South Korea visa’s application form. The forms are different for each kind of visa, so select the form that corresponds to our visa.


If we are applying online for the South Korea visa, then we can find the selection of forms in our ImmiAccount. If we are applying for people, then we must download the correct document or form and fill it out.

  • It should be valid for at least half a year or six months.
  • It must have at least two or three blank pages.
  • The South Korea visa photo size has to be “5 cm x 4.5 cm.”
  • It must have a white background.
  • You have to take it recently (in the last three months).
  • You should have a natural facial expression and stare straight ahead.
  • Your ears and face have to be fully visible.
  • You should not be wearing glasses.

Proof of sufficient money or funds to cover the period of our stay, such as through bank statements and income taxes.

Verification of convenience in South Korea, like lodging reservations

Payment of the South Korea Visa Fee, as per the requirements of the Consulate or Embassy.

  • Reference Letters
  • Letter of Acceptance into the University or School
  • A letter from our employer
  • Letter of Invitation from the South Korean Company
  • Employment Contracts
  • Introducing yourself and a cover letter stating the reason for which we are traveling
  • Trip Itinerary, which details the activities we will be doing in South Korea on a daily basis
  • Any other additional documents that the Consulate or Embassy requests for the purpose of our trip.

Australia Visa Requirement for Minor Applicants

If people under the age of 18 are applying for any type of Australian visa, there is a set of specific documents that have to be part of the application:

  • You need a letter of consent from legal guardians or parents.
  • You need filled-in and signed permission forms.
  • You need a statutory declaration.
  • You need Undertaking Declarations (in cases where the minor applicant will stay with a friend and an adult family member in Australia).

What to Do When we Show up in the AUSTRALIA.


            All of our documents are to be in English. If we are not, then we have to translate all our documents through a verified translator, but make sure we provide the unique close by the deciphered version.


            If we are in Australia, then Japan Immigration Consultants in Bangalore is Space Visas we have to translate the documents by an accredited translator accredited by the (NAATI) National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters. If we are outside of Japan , the translator we use has to provide their full address, full name, telephone number, and qualification details.


            There is no need to provide the original version of our documents unless they ask specifically. We can submit colored, scanned copies of our documents. Police clearances are the only documents that will have original versions.


            One must first get a South Korea traveler visa for Indians if one wishes to enter this place that is known for intellect and culture. It might sound basic, yet on the off chance that we do not have the foggiest idea about the essentials, it’s entirely troublesome. Subsequently, we have shown up to offer our help with conquering it. This instructional exercise can illustrate how basic it is for Indians to get a South Korean vacationer visa on the off chance that they figure out the fundamentals, as they won’t visit South Korea without a visa. Top Visa Assistance for South Korea in Bangalore is Space Visas and the South Korea Tourist Visa is applied through Chennai, New Delhi, and Mumbai; Space Visas will help you get South Korea visas from Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai South Korean Consulates or Embassy.


            Korean pop and Korean shows might be the best exports from South Korea; however, they mix a craving to visit the nation and investigate its remarkable present-day culture. Whether it is relaxation or voyagers or business, make a beeline for these much-cherished urban communities: Busan, Seoul, Daegu Incheon, and some more.


            Do attempt probably the most famous activities in South Korea, like walk around the Gyeongbok Castle, partake in a conventional spa experience, go on food visits, meander through Bukchon Hanok Town, and getaway to Dongbaek Island. Sail away from the central area to South Korea’s islands, which boast immaculate nature and design that can blow our minds. We have arrived at the ideal locations for a South Korean visa. Top Visa Assistance for South Korea in Bangalore is Space Visas has authorized specialists or agents for the South Korea visa. We guarantee the process is sans bother, and we get our visa effortlessly.

Easy Steps to Get Your JAPAN Visa

  1. Visit and select the visa type.
  2. Pay and Submit Your Documents Through Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
  3. Process: We verify, process, and submit your documents to the Embassy.
  4. Get your “JAPAN” visa delivered to your doorstep.

About Space Visas How Could Help you for JAPAN Visas

          Welcome to Korea Visa Application Center is Space Visas Abroad Services is conceptually made, and it has started with the sole reason to help the hopefuls who fantasize about getting comfortable in South Korea understand their migration dreams. Immigration rules, guidelines, and regulations are challenging and adjusting, yet with Space Visas’ Abroad Help, you can be ready to encounter the smooth and smooth process of abroad immigration. Our firm generally provides some sort of help to our clients, and we handle all of the cases with legitimacy and straight transparency.


           Immigration is an extremely powerful process wherein the immigration qualification and process rules change often and totally, at times absent a lot of prior notification, surprising even a veteran in the movement completely. It would be difficult for a fledgling individual who wishes to settle abroad to figure out these complicated principles and the periodic, continuous changes to them.


          Best Visa Assistance for South Korea in Bangalore is Space Visas can help you fulfil your dream of reaching your dream country, South Korea. These days, it’s very difficult to get a South Korea visa. There are a lot of rules and regulations to get a South Korea visa, but you do not have to worry about it. Our space visas can help you get a South Korean visa in a very easy way. We can work for you to fill out your form, book an appointment for an interview, etc. We just need your documents, details, etc. from your end. Now contact our team and get your South Korea visa easily.


          At Space Visas Schooling, we comprehend that migrating to another nation can be an overwhelming and complex interaction. As the main supplier of global student position services, we are focused on offering thorough help and direction to assist you with making a smooth change to life in Australia. Our group of experienced relocation specialists can help with a range of administrations, including movement advice, visa applications, and settlement support. With more than 15 years of experience in the business, we have major areas of strength to construct with immigration specialists, institutions, and foundations across Australia. Our profound information on the neighborhood migration scene, combined with our obligation to give extraordinary client assistance, pursues Space Visa Training, the confided-in decision for many global understudies consistently. Allow us to assist you with exploring the relocation cycle and begin your excursion at a more promising time to come in Australia.



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+91 777-000-3689

Frequently Asked Questions About South Korea Visa

A South Korea visa is a stamp or support put by the authorities of South Korea on an identification that permits the carrier to visit South Korea. Visas are acquired from the departments, consulates, or Embassy safe havens in South Korea for our visit. “Visit” is additionally characterized as the justification behind a section, generally business, traveller, or transitory. 

Depending on the duration or number of days we wish to spend in South Korea, different types of visas include transit visas, tourist visas, and visit visas.

Yes. Every time we apply for a visa for the Republic of Korea, we must provide recent supplementary documentation.

All short-term and long-term visa applications should be submitted at the Visa Application Center (VFS).

If our visa was refused, we can appeal by sending a letter to the Consulate or Embassy of the Republic of Korea, or we can reapply for the visa again.

VFS Global Service Pvt. Ltd. is the service provider for the Embassy or consulate of South Korea in New Delhi. The role of VFS is to accept visa applications, send documents back to clients, and dispatch passports on behalf of the consulate or Embassy of South Korea. VFS cannot play any part in or influence the outcome of our visa application.

Applicants or candidates can check the status of their South Korea visa’s application online using the South Korea VFS reference number and date of birth. Please visit the Track Our Application section of the VFS Global Service for South Korea.

South Korea visa validity starts from the date it’s been issued by the Embassy or consulate of Korea and is valid for the next 90 days or 3 months; therefore, it is fitting to stop the application.

We may submit our requirements up to two months to two weeks before our travel dates for South Korea.

We are strongly advised to purchase travel and health insurance to cover ourselves in South Korea, as medical treatment will be very expensive there. Our travel insurance offers protection against unexpected emergencies on international travel, such as flight delays and cancellations, coverage of medical expenses, personal accidents, or passport and baggage loss. For financial safety and security on our international trip, we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance and availing of our special offer.

Applying for a South Korean visa through us can be an easy and hassle-free process. It is exceptionally prudent to deal with our visa through us, as we will deal with our total visa process, right from preparing our reports to stepping on our South Korean visa. 

The least demanding method for applying for a South Korean visa is to reach us. We are specialists in the movement and travel industry, with over 40 years of involvement. Through our aptitude, inside and out information, and respectability, you focus on conveying an excellent encounter to your clients every single time you can utilize Space Visa administration. To assist us with understanding our one-of-a kind visa needs, if it’s not too much trouble, drop in our question, and our master will reach out to us.

Indian residents will visit South Korea on the off chance that they have the necessary desk work and meet the passage necessities. Indians need legitimate identification and a South Korean visa.


The South Korean government could change sectional limitations with short notice. Indian identification holders should really take a look at the most recent guidance prior to making any movement game plans.

No, Indians can’t get a visa on appearance in South Korea. Indian nationals should get a visa before taking off through the South Korean consulate or embassy.

No, Indians cannot visit South Korea without their visas. Currently, travellers must obtain visas with the South Korean consulate or Embassy in New Delhi. Indians will normally stay in South Korea for three months or 90 days with a traveller or tourist visa.